Alaska Holidays 2020
Check Alaska Public Holidays and Local Holidays for the year 2020.
Public Holidays:
Check legal public holidays observed in Alaska state for the year 2020.
Public Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
January 20 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 17 Monday President's Day
March 30 Monday Seward's Day
May 25 Monday Memorial Day
July 3 Friday Independence Day  (Observed)
September 7 Monday Labor Day
October 19 Monday Alaska Day
November 11 Wednesday Veterans Day
November 26 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
December 25 Friday Christmas
As Independence Day (4th July) falls on Saturday, so this holiday is observed on Friday (3rd July).

Designated Days:
Check Designated Days observed in Alaska state for the year 2020.
Designated Days
Date Day Holiday
February 6 Thursday Ernest Gruening Day *
February 16 Sunday Elizabeth Peratrovich Day **
April 9 Thursday Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Recognition Days ***
April 20 Monday Bob Bartlett Day ****
May 1 Friday Family Day and Family Preservation Month
May 5 Tuesday Alaska Agriculture Day
May 7 Thursday Alaska Day of Prayer
June 3 Wednesday Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day
June 20 Saturday Juneteenth Day
July 3 Friday Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Day
July 9 Thursday Alaska Flag Day
August 24 Monday Wickersham Day
September 9 Wednesday Older Alaskans' Day
October 8 Thursday William a. Egan Day
October 18 Sunday Alaska Territorial Guard Day
November 9 Monday Women Veterans Day
November 30 Monday Anthony J. Dimond Day
December 7 Monday Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Ernest Gruening Day is established on February 6 of each year to honor Ernest Gruening, doctor, editor, and statesman, for a lifetime of service to the territory and state of Alaska and the nation. Er
Elizabeth Peratrovich Day is established on February 16 of each year to honor Elizabeth Peratrovich, past Grand President of the Alaska Native Sisterhood, for her courageous, unceasing efforts to elim
Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day is established on April 9 of each year to recognize and honor all former prisoners of war (POWs) from our nation's wars who have returned home. These POWs repea
Bob Bartlett Day is established on April 20 of each year to honor E.L. "Bob" Bartlett, the "architect of Alaska statehood," for a lifetime of public service to Alaska and the nation. Bob Bartlett Day
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is established on December 7 of each year to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and to honor the individuals who died as a result of the attack. T
Special Month
Check Special Month observed in Alaska state for the year 2020.
Special Months
May Family Preservation Month
November Avalanche Awareness Month

Alaska Holiday Calendar 2020:
Alaska Holiday Calendar 2020
Alaska Holidays 2020