Alaska Holidays 2021
Check Alaska Public Holidays and Local Holidays for the year 2021.
Public Holidays:
Check legal public holidays observed in Alaska for the year 2021.
Public Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 1 Friday New Year’s Day
January 18 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 15 Monday Presidents' Day
March 29 Monday Seward's Day
May 31 Monday Memorial Day
July 5 Monday Independence Day *  (Observed)
September 6 Monday Labor Day
October 18 Monday Alaska Day
November 11 Thursday Veterans Day
November 25 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
December 24 Friday Christmas **  (Observed)
December 31 Friday New Year’s Day 2022 **  (Observed)
If holidays falls on Sunday, then holidays will observed on following Monday.
If holidays fall on Saturday, then holidays will observed on preceding Friday.

Designated Days:
Check Designated Days observed in Alaska state for the year 2021.
Designated Days
Date Day Holiday
February 6 Saturday Ernest Gruening Day
February 16 Tuesday Elizabeth Peratrovich Day
April 9 Friday Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Recognition Days
April 20 Tuesday Bob Bartlett Day
May 1 Saturday Family Day and Family Preservation Month
May 4 Tuesday Alaska Agriculture Day
May 6 Thursday Alaska Day of Prayer
June 3 Thursday Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day
June 19 Saturday Juneteenth Day
July 3 Saturday Drunk Driving Victims Remembrance Day
July 9 Friday Alaska Flag Day
August 24 Tuesday Wickersham Day
September 8 Wednesday Older Alaskans' Day
October 8 Friday William a. Egan Day
October 18 Monday Alaska Territorial Guard Day
November 9 Tuesday Women Veterans Day
November 30 Tuesday Anthony J. Dimond Day
December 7 Tuesday Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Special Month :
Check Special Month observed in Alaska state for the year 2021.
Special Months
Month Holiday
May Family Preservation Month
November Avalanche Awareness Month
Festivals in Alaska :
Check festival dates observed in Alaska in the year 2021.
Festivals in Alaska
Date Festivals
Late February to early March Festival of Native Arts
6 March Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
5 April - 11 April Alaska Folk Festival
9th July - 17 July Golden Days
26 August - 6 September Alaska State Fair

Alaska Holiday Calendar 2021
Alaska Holiday Calendar 2021
Alaska Holidays 2021