Washington Holidays 2023

Check Washington Public Holidays and Local Holidays for the year 2023.

State Holidays:

Following is the Washington State holiday schedule for 2023.
State Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 2 Monday New Year's Day  (Observed)
January 16 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 20 Monday Presidents' Day
May 29 Monday Memorial Day
June 19 Monday Juneteenth Day
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day
September 4 Monday Labor Day
November 10 Friday Veterans' Day  (Observed)
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
November 24 Friday Native American Heritage Day
December 25 Monday Christmas Day
  • If any of the state legal holidays falls upon a Sunday, the following Monday is the legal holiday
  • If any of the state legal holidays falls upon a Saturday, the preceding Friday is the legal holiday

Recognized Days:

The following days are recognized days, but may not be considered legal holidays for any purpose.
Recognized Days
Date Day Holiday
January 11 Wednesday human trafficking awareness day
January 13 Friday Korean-American Day
January 26 Thursday Washington Army and Air National Guard Day
February 19 Sunday Civil Liberties Day of Remembrance
March 30 Thursday Vietnam Veterans Day
March 31 Friday Cesar Chavez Day
April 9 Sunday Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day
April 10 Monday Dolores Huerta day
April 16 Sunday Mother Joseph Day
July 27 Thursday Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
August 7 Monday Purple Heart Recipient Recognition Day
September 4 Monday Marcus Whitman Day
September 23 Saturday Public Lands Day
October 8 Sunday Washington State Children's Day
October 12 Thursday Columbus Day
December 7 Thursday Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 18 Monday Blood Donor Day

Washington Holiday Calendar 2023:

Washington Holiday Calendar 2023
Washington State Holidays 2023