New York Holidays 2023

Check New York Public Holidays and Optional Holidays for the year 2023.

Legal Holidays:

Check New York state legal holidays for the year 2022.
Legal Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 2 Monday New Year’s Day  (Observed)
January 16 Monday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 13 Monday Lincoln's Birthday  (Observed)
February 20 Monday Washington’s Birthday  (Observed)
May 29 Monday Memorial Day
June 11 Sunday Flag Day
June 19 Monday Juneteenth
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day
September 4 Monday Labor Day
October 9 Monday Columbus Day
November 7 Tuesday Election Day
November 11 Saturday Veterans’ Day
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
December 25 Monday Christmas Day
  • If a holiday falls on a Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday.

Designated Days:

A day of commemoration is a calendar day designated by a proclamation of the governor or resolution of the Senate and Assembly jointly adopted.
Designated Days
Date Day Holiday
January 6 Friday Haym Salomon Day
January 27 Friday Holocaust Remembrance Day
February 4 Saturday Rosa Parks Day
February 15 Wednesday Susan B. Anthony Day
February 16 Thursday Lithuanian Independence Day
February 28 Tuesday Gulf War Veterans' Day
March 4 Saturday Pulaski Day
March 10 Friday Harriet Tubman Day
March 29 Wednesday Vietnam Veterans' Day
April 9 Sunday POW Recognition Day
April 27 Thursday Coretta Scott King Day
April 28 Friday Workers' Memorial Day
May 2 Tuesday New York State Teacher Day
May 17 Wednesday Thurgood Marshall Day
June 2 Friday Italian Independence Day
June 3 Saturday Children's Day
June 12 Monday Women Veterans Recognition Day
June 19 Monday Juneteenth Freedom Day
June 25 Sunday Korean War Veterans' Day
July 10 Monday Abolition Commemoration Day
August 24 Thursday Ukrainian Independence Day
August 26 Saturday Women's Equality Day
September 11 Monday Battle of Plattsburgh Day
(September 11th Remembrance Day)
September 13 Wednesday John Barry Day
(Uncle Sam Day in the State of New York)
September 15 Friday New York State POW/MIA Recognition Day
September 17 Sunday Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben Memorial Day
September 23 Saturday Native-American Day
September 24 Sunday Gold Star Mothers' Day
September 30 Saturday War of 1812 Day
October 5 Thursday Raoul Wallenberg Day
October 11 Wednesday New Netherland Day in the State of New York
October 18 Wednesday Disabilities History Day
October 27 Friday Theodore Roosevelt Day
November 9 Thursday Witness for Tolerance Day
November 12 Sunday Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day
November 21 Tuesday New York State School-Related Professionals Recognition Day
November 30 Thursday Shirley Chisholm Day
December 3 Sunday International Day of Persons with Disabilities
December 7 Thursday Pearl Harbor Day
December 16 Saturday Bastogne Day
  • A day of commemoration is a calendar day so designated by this section or a calendar day in any one year so designated by a proclamation of the governor or resolution of the Senate and Assembly jointly adopted.
  • A day of commemoration shall not constitute a holiday or half-holiday but shall be a day set aside in recognition and special honor of a person, persons, group ideal or goal.

New York Holiday Calendar 2023:

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