Florida Holidays 2023

Check Florida State Holidays, Legal Holidays and Designated Days observed in the year 2023.

State Holidays:

The following days are observed as paid holidays by state agencies in Florida.
Public Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 2 Monday New Year's Day *
January 16 Monday Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
May 29 Monday Memorial Day
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day
September 4 Monday Labor Day
November 10 Friday Veterans' Day *
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
November 24 Friday Friday after Thanksgiving
December 25 Monday Christmas Day
  • If the actual holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as a holiday.
  • When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday is observed as a holiday.
  • The State of Delaware grants two floating holidays to eligible employees per calendar year.

Legal Holidays:

Check legal holidays in 2023. Legal holidays shall be understood to include those holidays designated in s. 683.01 and such others as may be designated by law in Florida Statutes.
Legal Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 2 Monday New Year’s Day *
January 16 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. *
January 19 Thursday Birthday of Robert E. Lee
February 13 Monday Lincoln’s Birthday *
February 15 Wednesday Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday
February 20 Monday Washington’s Birthday
April 3 Monday Pascua Florida Day *
April 7 Friday Good Friday
April 26 Wednesday Confederate Memorial Day
May 29 Monday Memorial Day
June 3 Saturday Birthday of Jefferson Davis
June 14 Wednesday Flag Day
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day
September 4 Monday Labor Day
October 9 Monday Columbus Day and Farmers’ Day
November 11 Saturday Veterans’ Day
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
December 25 Monday Christmas Day
Whenever any legal holiday shall fall upon a Sunday, the Monday next following shall be deemed a public holiday for all and any of the purposes.

Designated Days:

Check Designated Days (Special Observances) in 2023 followed in Florida.
Designated Days
Date Day Holiday
January 6 Friday Three Kings Day
January 20 Friday Arbor Day
January 28 Saturday Gasparilla Day *
February 6 Monday Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Day
February 6 Monday Ronald Reagan Day
March 18 Saturday Save the Florida Panther Day
March 25 Saturday Medal of Honor Day
April 2 Sunday Pascua Florida Day
(Florida State Day)
April 2 Sunday Parents’ and Children’s Day
April 7 Friday Everglades Day
April 14 Friday Pan-American Day
April 19 Wednesday Patriots’ Day
April 29 Saturday DeSoto Day **
May 1 Monday Law Day
May 8 Monday Child Welfare Professionals Recognition Day
May 15 Monday Law Enforcement Memorial Day
May 19 Friday Teacher’s Day
June 19 Monday Juneteenth Day
August 7 Monday Purple Heart Day
September 10 Sunday Grandparents’ and Family Caregivers’ Day
September 11 Monday Florida Missing Children’s Day
October 15 Sunday I Am An American Day
November 19 Sunday Retired Teachers’ Day
December 15 Friday Bill of Rights Day
December 21 Thursday Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day
Legal holiday in Hillsborough County
Legal holiday in Manatee County

Florida Holiday Calendar 2023:

Florida Holiday Calendar 2023
Florida Holidays 2023