California Holidays 2022

Check California Public Holidays and Special Holidays for the year 2022.

Public Holidays:

Check public holidays observed in California for the year 2022.
Public Holidays
Date Day Holiday
January 1 Saturday New Year’s Day
January 17 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 21 Monday Washington's Birthday
(Presidents' Day)
March 31 Thursday Cesar Chavez Day
May 30 Monday Memorial Day
July 4 Monday Independence Day
September 5 Monday Labour Day
November 11 Friday Veterans Day
November 24 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
November 25 Friday Day After Thanksgiving Day
December 26 Monday Christmas  (Observed)
  • When a holiday falls on a Saturday, employees shall receive holiday credit.
  • When any federal holiday falls on Sunday, then that holiday is observed on following Monday.
  • The legislative body of any city or district may, by ordinance or resolution, provide that every Saturday is a holiday as respects the transaction of business in the public offices of such cities or districts except that provision shall be made for the continuance of essential public services such as police and fire protection.

Special Holidays:

A special or limited holiday is a holiday applying only to a special class or classes of business, or a special class or classes of persons, and not appointed to be generally observed throughout the State by all classes of business and all classes of persons.
Special Days
Date Day Holiday
January 23 Sunday Ed Roberts Day
January 30 Sunday Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution
February 6 Sunday Ronald Reagan Day
February 19 Saturday A Day of Remembrance
March 7 Monday Arbor Day
March 20 Sunday Nowruz Day
March 30 Wednesday Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
March 31 Thursday Cesar Chavez Day
April 10 Sunday Dolores Huerta Day
April 21 Thursday John Muir Day
April 24 Sunday California Day of Remembrance
May 6 Friday Space Day
May 22 Sunday Harvey Milk Day
June 18 Saturday Juneteenth National Freedom Day
September 9 Friday Admission Day
September 23 Friday Native American Day
September 28 Wednesday Cabrillo Day
October 2 Sunday Stepparents Day
October 28 Friday Native American Day
December 7 Wednesday Pearl Harbor Day

Special Holidays -

On any special or limited holiday appointed by the President or Governor, all courts and public offices of the State, any political subdivision, or any city, shall be open and function in their normal and usual manner. All other public functions shall be performed as on days which are not holidays, and all contracts shall be performed and business transacted as usual, except only as to or by the particular class of business or persons expressly limited or restricted by the provisions of the proclamation appointing or declaring such special or limited holiday.

California Holiday Calendar 2022

California Holiday Calendar 2022
California Holidays 2022