Check Federal and State holidays in US for 2016 and 2017 .

Upcoming Holidays
Date Holiday Where
September-27, TuesdayArizona first responders' day of gratitude and remembranceArizona
September-27, TuesdayFirst Responder Appreciation DayOregon
September-28, WednesdayCabrillo DayCalifornia
September-30, FridayAmerican Indian Heritage DayTexas
October-1, SaturdayChildren and Youth DayHawaii
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The U.S. federal government only has constitutional jurisdiction to establish holidays for itself, for certain federally chartered and regulated businesses (such as federal banks), and for Washington, D.C.; otherwise, constitutional authority to create public holidays is a power reserved to the states. Most states also allow local jurisdictions (cities, villages, etc.) to establish their own local holidays. However, as a general rule other institutions, including banks, post offices, and schools, may be closed on federal holidays.
Federal Holidays 2016
No Date Day Holiday
1 January 1 Friday New Year's Day
2 January 18 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3 February 15 Monday Washington’s Birthday
4 May 30 Monday Memorial Day
5 July 4 Monday Independence Day
6 September 5 Monday Labor Day
7 October 10 Monday Columbus Day
8 November 11 Friday Veterans Day
9 November 24 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
10 December 26 Monday Christmas Day *  (Observed)
If the holiday falls on Sunday, then it is observed on following Monday.